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     Your lacrosse equipment IS NOT included in your registration fee. You will need to have all required items purchased and on your child at the first day of practice. Your child will not be allowed to participate until they are fully equipped for lacrosse.


     All girls are required to have the following equipment: lacrosse stick, protective eye goggles, and a colored mouthguard. Be sure to purchase a lacrosse ball for your player as she will need it to practice at home.

All boys are required to have the following equipment: lacrosse stick, helmet, colored mouthguard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a protective athletic supporter (cup). Rib pads are a personal preference, but not necessary at U9 or U11 lacrosse. Be sure to purchase a lacrosse ball for your player as he'll need it to practice at home.

Boys entering 7th or 8th grade and thinking about purchasing new or used equipment should be aware of uniform requirements for their future high school team. The required
Pope Greyhound helmet is the CPro7. The helmet color should be navy blue, with a white mohawk and visor. The CPro7 is recommended because it is a "one size fits all" helmet that comes with pads to change the size if their heads grow. However, it will be too big for players below middle school. If you are interested in purchasing the Pope helmet for your son, please contact us at Jr. Greyhound Lacrosse as you may receive a discount off the retail price if we order multiple helmets at one time. The team gloves are the navy blue Brine Deft, but any navy blue gloves are acceptable.There are a number of specialty lacrosse stores and other sporting goods stores in the area. Dick's Sporting Goods, LaxWorld, Play -it-Again Sports, Sports Authority, and Breakaway are a few of the stores that carry new or used lacrosse equipment.


     US Lacrosse offers some guidelines regarding the purchase of a lacrosse helmet. Please visit www.lacrosse.org/news/2008/helmet-tips.phtml for additional information.

Buying a lacrosse stick will probably be the most confusing purchase of all the equipment you get. These recommendations are intended to help you pick a stick for a newer player. There are literally hundreds of types of sticks. Do not be intimidated. You do not need an expensive stick. In fact, the less expensive sticks are actually more appropriate for your newer player.

Boys Lacrosse Stick (referred to as the "crosse"). Your first stick should be a Midfielder/Attack stick (you do not need a defense or goalie stick). This is the standard size stick, which should be about 40 inches in total length (from tip of head to bottom of stick), and should NOT be any longer than about 42 inches. Almost all of the Midfield/Attack sticks you find in stores will be this length.

The most common manufacturers of lacrosse equipment in general, and lacrosse sticks specifically are: Warrior, STX, Gait/deBeer, Brine, Harrow, Onyx, Addidas, Reebok, and Nike. These manufacturers make sticks from entry level up to the Pro level. You will want to purchase an “entry level” stick and head with soft mesh for younger players (U9 or U11) and hard mesh for older players. The entry-level sticks have simple aluminum shafts and open faces on the head. The retail cost of an entry level sticks will be between $30 and $80.

Boy's lacrosse equipment is available to rent from AJO4LAX at http://www.ajo4lax.com/re-lax-equipment-rentals.